Willow Tree Nativity (6-Piece Set Sculpted Hand-Painted Nativity Figures)


The Willow Tree Nativity, like the story it depicts, is as popular today as it was when it was first released in 2000. It has become a timeless classic due to its simplicity and form. The Willow Tree Nativity has become a family tradition as a Christmas gift, wedding gift, or self-purchase. It has six hand-painted resin figures- Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a donkey, and two sheep are among the characters; the tallest of which stands at 9.5″ tall. It comes with an Enclosure card with the words, “Sentiment: ‘Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas Story”.” The artist Susan Lordi hand carves each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast from Susan’s original carving and are painted by hand which makes it all extra special. 


We all have our own Christmas traditions that are already carved in our hearts, and we often feel lost without it. If you are one of the people who loved Willow Tree or know someone who loves it, you will like everything that you’re about to read.

  • It is made to be ready to be displayed either on a shelf, table, or mantel. 
  • It has a nice touch on the appearance of the carved wood. 
  • The size is perfect; it is large enough to be a seen visibly, but not so large as to make it difficult to find a place for it.
  • It is very sturdy for each piece is made with high quality materials. 
  • Since it is hand-made, and made with love and passion, you really can say that it is a masterpiece. 
  • A perfect gift for any occasion. It is not limited to being just a Christmas décor, it is perfect as a wedding gift for Christian couples who are staring their new life together as they are bonded with love and faith. 
  • The packaging is A+. It comes with a fitted box that is perfectly made for gift-giving.


Sometimes, handmade products cost a lot of money because the amount of time and effort an artist exerts to it is just priceless. And since everything is made with hand, and we are made to make mistakes, handmade products are sometimes bound to have some errors. Here are a few of the issues you would want to know before making your purchase:

  • It does not come with a cheap price- which is given for it handmade. 
  • There are some lapses with the colors of the paint. Some of the items turned out white instead of cream, glossy instead of matte. The one I ordered from here was white, too distressed, and the paint was sloppy and glossy. 
  • The glue that is used for assembly is very visible. 
  • The colors are much darker in person than it is in picture.

Final Recommendation- BUY

Art is not easy nor cheap. Everything is made with practice, a lot of brainstorming, a lot of money, and a lot of patience. This Willow Tree Nativity is one of them, this is the kind of art you would want your hands to get into. It is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas and believes that faith is what should be central in this holiday. With its timeless beauty and an amazing craftmanship, you would regret not buying one. So, are you sure you are waiting for the stocks to drop before getting yours? 


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