SWAROVSKI Christmas Ornament (2021 Annual Edition, Large, Clear Crystal)


For its 30th year, the annual tradition of Swarovski edition was led by Michele Blasilli with her astonishing crystal creation. For this year, the ornament has undergone a remarkable transformation to add contemporary appeal to its timeless design. Exclusively available in 2021, its metal tag – in a new round shape – is engraved with the year and embellished with a small crystal. The star has been expertly cut in an innovative new asymmetric style to sparkle with 67 clear crystal facets, whilst the velvet ribbon and new champagne-gold tone plated metal accents are fresh and modern. Perfect for hanging on a decorative tree, in a window or on one of our elegant Christmas ever. 


If sophistication is what you are after, take a lot at what this 2021 Swarovski Christmas ornament has to offer:

  • Specially made for this important holiday. 
  • Made with 67 clear crystal facets, whilst the velvet ribbon and new champagne-gold tone that makes everything looks elegant despite its true value. 
  • Perfectly made as a hanging ornament that makes everything fall into the right place. 
  • Each piece is made sure to have its highest quality that will leave everyone a wow reaction upon seeing not just for the first time, but for every linger you try to steal its beauty. 


For its price, you can’t expect everything will exceed your expectations. Here are some of the issues you might want to hear before you add it to your cart:

  • For its price, we can’t expect it to be made of real crystals that will cost around a thousand dollars each. Despite being fake, these ornaments are still made to look sophisticated. 
  • Its claims that it is made in Austria is one of its biggest flaws, for it is produced in Serbia. 
  • There are some packaging errors on the outer box saying 2020, while the inner box says 2021.

Final Recommendation- BUY

Online shopping is a really great risk we are all willing to take, mainly because most of the times, items online are much cheaper than those of the store, plus it saves us more time for ourselves. This 2021 exclusive edition of Swarovski Christmas Ornament is made with stylish crystal design that will maintain its timeless look that screams both elegance and simplicity. If you are after a modern-chic theme to have this Christmas but is not too sensitive with authenticity and minor errors, make sure to add this to your cart and check out as soon as possible.

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