Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel for Explorer 240/300/500/1000/1500 Power Station, Foldable US Solar Cell Solar Charger with USB Outputs for Phones


The newest Jackery Solar Saga 100 includes two kickstands that can be mounted on any flat surface that could be setup in less than five minutes. It has a TPE rubber grip that makes it easier to take anywhere when you’re off the grid. It is covered in monocrystalline silicon solar cells, uses multi-layered cell technology to create energy from sunlight and outperforms other standard panels. Because of the ETFE-laminated shell, the solar panel’s lifespan can be extended. 


Take a look at what this Solar Saga has to offer if energy-saving is what you’re looking for:

  • For beginners, it would be very easy to set up. You could set up everything in just about two minutes.
  • This Solar Panel is extremely thin and very light.
  • It is made up of quality materials ensuring its durability and reliability as a power source.
  • It has two kickstands securing its 100 Watts capacity.
  • It has a high energy conversation rate up to 23%.
  • It is water resistant and splash-proof.


You can’t expect everything to live up to your expectations for the price. Here is one of the major concerns you should be aware of before adding it to your cart:

  • The included power cord is too short, you have to use another outlet source if you are placing it to a place far from an outlet.


Having your own energy source has never been so easy with Jackery Solar Saga. Aside from making it easily accessible, it has the TPE rubber handle which allows you to carry it around easily ready for your own little to big adventures. Making electricity portable, outdoor-oriented, and accessible is one of the biggest goals of Jackery, and they have found success in building their newest Solar Saga with 100W power capacity.

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