iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal Disposal – Empties Itself for up to 60 days, Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets


Roomba i3+ robot vacuum is designed to take the hassle out of vacuuming by cleaning in perfect rows, emptying itself, and learning your habits to create personalized routines. The i3+ cleans effectively with 10X Power-Lifting Suction and Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes. Using your iRobot Home App you can navigate both the schedule and the room you would want to clean without breaking any sweat. 


We all want some personal time away from all the chores we know we need to do. If you are someone who want to make any chores easier, you need to take a look at what you’re about to read:

  • It has a good suction power that pulls in stubborn dirt and messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System.
  • It uses a smart navigation through an app that is made just for it. Through the app, you can control the direction where it goes to need and avoid places where it’s not.
  • It could be set up through Google Assistant or Alexa, means it has a lot more options to make any job easier. You don’t even have to navigate app, because it works with just voice activation.
  • It is ideal for home with pets for it has a unique dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that they don’t get tangled with any pet hair.
  • It has a very classy compared to the plastic style of many other robot vacuums.


Even if it brings the biggest convenience to you and your home. There are still some things you should consider before making a purchase:

  • It is massively loud while the vacuum cleans itself.
  • The browser does not support HTML5 videos.
  • You may have troubles setting up rooms in the app, making it a bit harder to navigate.
  •  It is not suitable for handmade rugs, it destroys them.


A clean and comfortable is what we all want, and the iRobot i3+ offers it to you. It navigates and maps your home in neat rows using state-of-the-art floor tracking sensors to vacuum hardwood and carpet without having to move around. Vacuuming has never been so easy that You can cross vacuuming off your to-do list with the i3+. With its imprint Link Technology, the Roomba i3 robot vacuum automatically cleans in perfect sequence, giving your floors a comprehensive clean. So don’t spend too much time thinking about it, instead go ahead and give yourself something that you deserve.Buy Now

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