Fitbit Sense Advanced


Fitbit Sense is a cutting-edge health smartwatch that lets you tune in to your body and leads you to improved health. With SpO2, you can test your heart for AFib, detect and manage stress, better understand your sleep quality, and even keep an eye on patterns in your skin temperature or well-being directly from your wrist. For new Fitbit Premium users, Sense also unlocks a 6-month free trial of personalized advice and advanced insights. It contains an EDA Scan app that measures electrodermal activity, which could indicate your body’s stress response, and a built-in skin temperature sensor that records yours every night so you can monitor how it changes.


Need more reasons to convince yourself that this is a must buy? Look at all these amazing features of this new Fitbit Sense Advanced and decide for yourself. You don’t want to miss it.

  • It has an on-wrist skin temperature sensor that tracks yours each night to see how it varies.
  • It features a special Fitbit ECG app to assess your heart for any atrial fibrillation.
  • It notifies for an irregularity in your heart rate, especially if it is above or below your average.
  • Fitbit Sense’s battery can last up to 6 days without charging. It is also fast charging and can take your 12-minute worth of charge into a whole day of usage.
  • The built-in GPS of the Fitbit Sense can be used during hikes, runs, and rides, you don’t have to unnecessarily touch your phone again.
  • It also features a built-in Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa to help and guide you in your fitness journey with this Fitbit Sense.


Alongside all of its amazing characteristics, here are the only drawbacks of this new Fitbit Sense Advanced:

  • Fitbit Sense’s heart rate sensor sometimes poorly operate, and thus giving its users inaccurate results.
  • The side button regularly activates unintentionally when presses against the wrist but fails to work when it is pressed intentionally.
  • The ECG feature of the new Fitbit Sense is only available for selected countries.
  • There is a trouble connecting with GPS.
  • Watch is unresponsive for some time, especially during extreme movements.
  • Fitbit Sense does not allow you to download any application nor change any clockface for it only features one specific clockface.


Staying fit and active is one of the important goals in life. With the new Fitbit Sense Advanced, you can take your fitness journey into a new and improved level. With all of its amazing features, you really can have it all. It will surely make your workouts and runs fun and one of a kind. If you are into fitness, or someone who is planning to focus more on their health, this Fitbit sense is definitely for you!

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