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    If you are looking for something small but still lets you enjoy your favorite movies and shows the way you always want to, you might want the new Echo Show 5. With its compact 5.5 inches smart display ready to help you manage your day, provide you with good entertainment, and most importantly be able to connect with your friends and family, this device is perfect for you.  The new Echo Show 5 is made better with its voice control feature with the help of the ever-reliable Alexa to help you with your day-to-day tasks. With the newest Echo Show 5, missing a thing is not even possible for you can use it to catch up with your friends and family, as well as watching the newest episodes of your favorite shows. With Echo Show 5, you really have it all. 


We buy something for so many reasons; but the two most common is either because we need or we want it. With Echo Show 5, the two reasons apply. Let’s look at the amazing characteristics of this device that would make you wish you have it.

  • Echo Show 5 has a high-quality build with a voice-controlled alarm to fit every person’s taste and preferences.
  • It is built in with multiple layers of privacy controls including a mic and camera off button and a built-in camera shutter.
  • It only has a compact 5.5 inches smart display perfect for an easy access.


    Aside from all the positive and good quality of the product, we should also look at some of its flaw to further decide if we really want it or now. Here are some of the negative traits of the new Echo Show 5:

  • In between shows, there are too many ads that cannot be skipped.
  • The screen is too small to have a full streaming experience.
  • Echo Show 5 does not support HTML5 Video which is what most technology uses today.


Before going to sleep, it has always been one of our habits to stay on our devices to either talk to our friends as we end our day, or to find comforts with our comfort shows after a tiring day. With Echo Show 5, you can have it all in one device. Without worrying on which device to use, Echo Show 5 offers you everything you could think of, so make sure to grab yourself one!

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