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Meet one of Echo’s newest product- the Echo Dot 3rd Generation, released last 2018. It is by far the most compact speaker that perfectly fits into small spaces, but still provides a high-quality sound despite its size. Manage your home with its amazing voice control supported by the ever-trusted Alexa.  Ask her to turn on your lights, adjust your thermostats, lock your doors to secure your safety, and do so much more with all of its compatible connected devices. Create routines with your new 3rd Generation Echo Dot and live the life you never thought you could.  


    Echo Dot 3rd Generation is a very good product for people who is too tired of using their hands to do and control everything. Here are some of the few good characteristics of the one of the newest Echo products:

  • It comes in a very small size that is perfect for homes with small spaces.
  • Echo Dot 3rd Generation has an improved speaker quality for a richer and louder sound.
  • It has a voice control feature where you can control your home- turn on your lights, adjust thermostats, as well as streaming songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius, XM, and others.


    Before making a purchase, we must always look at the risk of the product we are about to buy. Let’s look at some of the negative feedback for this Echo Dot:

  • If the device is not properly and thoroughly setup, it might be a danger to your privacy and security.
  • There is an issue with privacy for it has access to your contacts and might send them an unnoticed and a very private voicemail recording.


Echo Dot 3rd Generation is a product that lets you control your life with just the sound of your voice. It helps you manage your day-to-day activity with much more ease. But there will always be a lot of buts. Since it has control to your accounts, privacy is one of the main concerns. If you are very meticulous in terms of his privacy and security, do not buy it. The risk is high based on several reviews, it might not be worth it to offer your accounts with your contacts for a little bit of ease in your daily life.

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