Bestselling wireless game controller for Android 6.0, mobile models, and tablets

Do you know what is the biggest pitfall of online shopping? Your favorite products turn to your worst user experience because of two reasons

  • You cannot judge how the product works and what is its condition by seeing online pictures and description
  • You cannot judge whether the online store is selling the original product or the copy one.

The only way to have the best user experience through online shopping is to trust authentic reviews before buying.

Today I am going to give a detailed review of the ipega-PG-9087S wireless 4.0 Game controller gamepad joystick for smart android supporting 6.0 or above and phone tablets.

Table of content

  • Specs and Features
  • User experience
  • Pros and Cons
  • My experience and recommendation
  • Only buying experience
  • Product link


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Specs and Features

Wireless game controller gaming pad 4.0 of ipega with the model number PG-9087S is available for phone tablets and mobile models supporting Android 6.0 or higher. It does not work for models below 6.0. Also, the system is not for apple users (IOS, iPhone, IPad devices). The refined designed and LED lightning in buttons make the controller attractive. All the features of the ipega gaming pad are given below:

  • Smart Wireless Gamepad
  • Model: PG-9087S
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Cable, Joystick
  • Built-in battery
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 380mAh
  • Charge way: USB Charge
  • Working Time: 10h
  • Gamepad Size: 130*65*29mm
  • Package Weight: 127g
  • Package Size (L x W x H): 139*85*49mm

User Experience 

The product comes in complete packaging. All the instructions and the above-listed specs are mentioned in the box. While unboxing, the first thing that comes to hand is the user panel where detailed information about the product, company, and usage is mentioned. Along with the game controller, a c-type cable is provided for charging for a 400mAH battery. The most attractive thing about the controller is its amazing design and lightning buttons. The stretchable controller has an ergonomic structure.

Both mobile phones and tablets can be fixed in the vertical or horizontal position. First, you have to turn the controller on, fix the mobile phone in it, and download the shooting plus V3 application on your phone. Connect the gaming pad by Bluetooth and the V3 app. The gaming pad has a D-pad, action buttons, two analog joysticks, a start/select button, and triggers on the top.

Pros and Cons

I played PUBG and shooting games on my android with this gaming pad on my smartphone. Overall, the experience was good. The best part was the trigger buttons and joysticks. They are handy and respond very fast. Action buttons and D-pad is of small size hence causing difficulty while using them. Also, their quality was not that good.

My Experience and Recommendation

Overall from my experience, I would recommend this bestselling wireless game controller for Android 6.0 and phone tablets. The cost is very reasonable and the quality is good. The battery timings are perfect; you can use them for straight 15 hours without charging.

Online Buying Experience 

Here is the link for the product on amazon. The response from the merchant was superior and I got the product within 5-6 business days.

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