All-new Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8″ display and adjustable warm light – Ad-Supported


You can now experience a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like genuine paper, even in bright sunlight, with the all-new kindle paper white with 8 GB of storage. Thousands of titles can be stored and then taken with you. A single USB-C charge lasts weeks, not hours. Now has a warm light that can be adjusted to change the screen shade from white to amber. Built to withstand accidental immersion in water, you’ll be ready for everything from the beach to the bath. Get unlimited access to over 2 million novels, thousands of audiobooks, and more with Kindle Unlimited. Who’d have guessed that listening to your favorite novels would become your new favorite pastime?


Everyone who loves books would want to have their hands on this product because of these following reasons:

  • It has a 6.8” display and thinner borders
  • It has an adjustable light setting that can be modified into warm light for your eyes.
  • Its battery can last up to 10 weeks. 
  • It has a 20% faster page turns.
  • Waterproof reading which allows you to read even with water around.  
  • You can pair it with an Audible subscription and Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.


Now, that we have seen all the positive thing about this product, now let’s look at the negative part of this product:

  • If things were cheaper, this would be an essential upgrade for most people.


If you love to read books but is too tired to carry several ones at the same time, it’s time for you to go digital with the all-new kindle paperwhite. We all love good books, but we must admit that books are a bit heavy and is a little hassle to bring all the time. But this new kindle paperwhite will allow you carry your own library inside your cute little bag. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and allow yourself to enjoy all your books with less than the weight of one. 

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