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When the talk is about Research, Making Choices, and Experiencing New Things, Creed has earned a big name. He has travelled a long distance to satisfy his curiosity. Creed has acquired a ton of knowledge on a lot of different subjects. He now welcomes you to his vast library. The time is over for self-research and learning. Now the time is for mutual learning, discussions, and understanding. Creed’s Reviews and Reasoning is YOUR HOME, where we talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING

What’s on the Website?

Creed’s Reviews

Adventures give three things in bonus.

  • New experiences
  • Curiosity to explore
  • Curiosity to know

How many of you have been to places and never bought new products? How many of you were on travel and never had a dire to know more about the places? No One.

Alright, how many of you have been to an online store or physical store and never had an urge to buy a new product that attracts you? That’s our nature as humans to make new experiences and try new things.

Do you know what makes you buy the product? Yes, REVIEWS.

It’s a good saying; ‘Wise is a man who learn from other people experience instead of repeating the same experience’

Here, at Creed’s review, you will learn from my experiences. I will make sure you do not repeat my mistakes and you will go for the most authentic, reliable, and best choice before buying any product.

Before going further; let us discuss to which niches I will make reviews.

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Toy Reviews

If you are a parent of your little ones, uncle/aunt of those cute nephew/nieces, or a pet parent of your pet partners then this section is for you. I have a great interest in children’s toys and pet toys. Types of toys include Action figures, Remote controllers, construction toys, Creative toys (blocks, doodle toys, DIY toys, etc.), Dolls and stuff toys, educational toys, electronic toys, food-related toys, puzzles, and sound toys. For pet toys, reviews will be conducted for stuff toys, balls, squeaky toys, Chew toys, and robot toys.

Solar Products Reviews

Solar devices are the essentials for everyday use. Solar products ensure effective costs, high quality, and reliability. When a certain kind of product is gaining too much demand and the result is highly effective then a problem arises. Certain companies start making copies of such products that are unreliable, costly, and is of low quality. We can only trust authentic and trustworthy reviews in this regard. Click the link below to get the authentic reviews on solar devices by Creed.

Internet of Things:

Official meetings, Seminars, Reception centres are in dire need of advance gadgets. You must be wondering where to buy such gadgets that are reasonable in cost, have high quality, and long guarantee. Creed’s reviews will help you to know different types of projectors and other devices from different companies and places. You will decide what’s best for you.


How the world is globalized? Through NETWORKING. The biggest demand of the age; Mesh and Wi-Fi Routers. The biggest problem of the age; getting deceived by the seller in regards to quality and cost. The easiest solution for the problem; creed’s router reviews. Click the link below to learn more about the types of routers and different reviews from different companies.

Product Reviews

A blog post discussing a detail review of the product

Landing on
affiliate links

Links from where the product has been bought is affiliated with the review with complete description

Room for

In comment section everyone is free to discuss anything about the related review. A healthy discussion will be conducted from both the sides.

Taking your

If you have tried the same product, you will be able to give the review on your experience


You will suggest what new product to review and from which place.

Incredible Life Hacks to make your Life Easier

Creed’s Life Hacks

Okay, so this is something really interesting. You noticed what’s trending on 30 seconds videos. Yes, I am talking about Instagram Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts. Incredible and quick life hacks are the core of these videos. 90% of the viewers get addicted to it for the reason, ‘They take our attention’.

I am using this platform to educate you about those life hacks that are beneficial for you. No extra and useless material. The best part is, everything is divided into sections so that you can land on your favourite niche.

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Time Hacks

The pressing problem of our age is ‘Time Anxiety.’ I understand the stress of being unproductive and wastage of time is taking you towards serious depression. I will conduct you some beneficial time management techniques that will make your life productive, easy and simple. Follow up the link below

Kitchen Hacks

Are you ready to never cry over cutting onions? Never spending dollars on useless kitchen utensils? Never making your guests wait due to prolonged cooking time? Creed’s kitchen hacks will tell you helpful techniques to save time and money when you are in the kitchen.

Blog Posts

2-5 min read blog posts about
diverse niches on life hacks


Deliver your thoughts by adding comments
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Share the blog post to your friends
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Creed’s Research, learning, and Reasoning

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a trending technology rather a new and promising way of securing your money. Your online payments are secured by cryptocurrency and are denominated in a term known as virtual ‘tokens’. The word ‘Crypto’ is a wide term referring to cryptographic techniques and encryption algorithms so that the virtual tokens are safeguarded. You will get to know more about cryptocurrency, its understanding, types, advantages, disadvantages, and till date trends by clicking on the link below

Creed’s Crypto Learning Story

You must be thinking about the jump from product reviews to crypto learning. As I told you earlier, this is OUR HOME. Here we will talk about anything and everything. It will be unfair of me if I skip that portion to whom I have given half of my life. The urge to learn and curiosity to research dived me into crypto learning. It was a whole new world and with time it became the central dogma of my life learning.

Having 10 years+ research in crypto learning. Today I want to share all my experiences with the new ones coming into this field. I am just fast-forwarding your 10 years of initial research and the complexities that I had to face.

On this website you will learn

  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • What is blockchain technology?
  • What are the types of cryptocurrency and how it is related to blockchain technology?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency?
  • What is the right way to dive in and get benefits from cryptocurrency?
  • What are date trends and how much demanding is this technology in future?
  • How to make the right decisions and what to invest to take the benefit and get a positive outcome?

Complete Documentation

Containing the researched documents and new articles

New Trends

Updates and all new trends are discussed after complete research

Room for

Deep, insightful discussion about the updates, trends and situations

Share your

If you are a crypto expert or a crypto learner, feel free to share your story

Let’s Make
a Move

If you are a crypto expert or a crypto learner, feel free to share your story

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