37 Pack Fidget Toy Set (Sensory Fidget Toy set for Kids and Adults with Mochi Squishy Toy, Grape Ball, Marble Mesh, Maze Puzzle, Squeeze Soybeans, Flip Chains, Snake Twist Puzzles)


Keeping your hands busy is an easy way to calm down and train concentration. Good news! This Fidget toy set contains 37 different items for you to choose from. The set includes soft and flexible toys that will help your nerves to calm down and help you cope with your anxiety. No one would believe that this set has 13 different variations to choose from. From soft squishy material to help you calm your nerves down to durable plastic toys that will allow you to fidget away your stress and anxiety for just a very cheap price. 



This set caters every little thing you need when stress starts to kick in, here are some reasons why you must get your own bundle:

  • This bundle includes 37 toys with 13 varieties: 6 Stretchy Strings, 5 Spiky Balls, 4 Mochi Squishy Toys, 5 Marble and Meshes, 3 Squeeze Foam Basketballs, 2 Flip Chains, 2 Wacky Tracks, 2 Puzzle Balls, 2 Heart-Shaped Maze Puzzles, 2 Squeeze Grape Balls, 2 Snake Twist Puzzles, 1 Maze Puzzle, and 1 Squeeze Soybeans.
  • Despite of its cheap price, it is made out of durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials that are safe for both kids and adults to play with!
  • It helps relieves Stress and Anxiety by playing with them through squeezing, stretching, or flipping them. 
  • Because of its small size, you can carry these satisfying fidget toys everywhere.
  • With Covid being a major threat, the fact that is very easy to clean is a MUST. 
  • They are not just fidget toys; they can also serve as learning toys for some of them have letters on it to help children further learn letter recognition. 


For its price, having one to two flaws is not bad at all. Here are some common problems you might encounter as you buy this set:

  • The set is a fix set, you can’t choose what you want to have in your bundle. There might be times where multiple children wants to play with the kind that only has 2-3 pieces of it.
  • You can’t get your expectations way too high, the materials are not too thick, therefore the ‘pop’ sound of some toys is not that solid which can be a pro to some people who don’t like loud toys since its sound ranges from super subtle to subtle enough.

Final Recommendation- BUY

Anxiety and Stress is very rampant these days that’s why this sensory toy pack works best for people who wants to improve their focus, people who deals with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and Autism. And because of its wide variation, it is a perfect gift for all ages and occasions! Make sure to get your hands on it before everyone else got it, and you will be left with nothing.

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